Two new households to be inaugurated at final Household Life Mass

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At the end of the spring semester, Franciscan University of Steubenville will welcome two new households to the Franciscan community at the final Household Life Mass.

Women’s household Acceptance with Joy will be reactivated with 9 members, and Seraphic Valor will be initiated with 10 members.

“They are going to bring a unique charism to the tapestry of charisms of household life,” said the Rev. Gregory Plow, TOR, of the two households.” The ways they seek to spread the gospel is very joyful in the light of Evangelii Gaudium. These two will definitely exemplify it.”

As director of pastoral ministry for Residence Life, Plow’s main responsibility is to oversee household activities and aid in the creation and reactivation of households.

Acceptance with Joy will be located on the fourth floor of St. Thomas Moore Hall.  According to their covenant, every member will “aim to live and help one another live as Christians with emphasis on the charisma of accepting all things with joy … (and) live with, love, serve and encourage one another in our walk with Christ.”

They aim to surrender to God similarly to Mary and accept all challenges with humility and trust, as well as to accept the responsibility to respect each other and all in everything they do.

“Joy isn’t the same thing as happiness,” said freshman Sarah Bauger, who will serve as the household’s coordinator. “Happiness is a feeling you get and joy is inner peace. We model ourselves after Our Lady of Sorrows in the way that she even when she was sad, but she never lost faith and inner peace.”

Seraphic Valor, located on the first floor of Trinity hall, will be an angelic men’s household that was inspired by the Rev. Dan Pattee’s, TOR, “Saint Francis: Life and Charism” fall 2012 class in Austria. Their four pillars will be the Paschal Mystery of the Week, Brotherhood of Metanoia, Living Monstrance and the Consecration to the Immaculate Conception.

The members have also dedicated themselves to traveling as missionaries to downtown Steubenville every Sunday to serve the poor by talking with them and praying for their conversion of heart and soul, relying on their guardian angels for inspiration and protection.

“We get to give witness to people,” said coordinator Jack Bruce. “We have a huge devotion to angels, and I’m looking forward to showing that because I don’t think people talk about angels as much as they should so it’s good to do them diligence.”

The households will be inaugurated before the final Household Life Mass on April 26 in the Finnegan Fieldhouse. The ceremony will begin at 3:30 in which all households are expected to be present to witness the event. Plow will bless the household banner, Lord’s Day cup and Lord’s Day candle. Each member will be introduced and required to vocalize their intention to live their covenant and sign it in front of everyone.

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