Theta Phi-Aplha sorority holds semi-formal dance

Photo by Melissa Longua
Photo by Melissa Longua

Staff Writer

Accompanied by the refreshments, flowers and white and blue themed tables, smiling dancers took part in Theta Phi Alpha’s Semi-Formal White Rose Dance Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. in the J.C. Williams Center.

“It’s called the ‘white rose’ (dance) because that is one of our symbols for our sorority,” said Marita Brinkmann, president of Theta Phi Alpha. “We have the white rose for purity, the sapphire for loyalty and the compass is a symbol of always pointing in the right direction.”

Elaborating on the significance of the rose, Melissa Whittaker said, “The white rose mainly symbolizes purity … also the petals … how all of them combined makes (the flower) beautiful. It is a bond that symbolizes how we are always there for each other.”

Over 20 people were in attendance at the event within an hour of the start of the dance.

“I think the turnout is great, considering this is the first dance we’ve held in forever,” said Tiffany Lengyel, vice-president of the sorority. “I can’t remember the last time we’ve had a dance.”

“This is our first year doing this and we are hoping to start a new tradition,” said Brinkmann talking about the sorority’s decision to make it a semi-formal event. “We just wanted to keep it classy, because we try to be classy. We just thought it would be fun.”

Brinkmann said the proceeds of the dance will go toward convention, a leadership conference in New Orleans. It is a week of workshops, meeting alumni and Theta Phi Alphi sisters from all over the country. The leadership conference will be taking place during the first week of July.

“People like dancing and people like having fun,” said Whittaker. “We hope to get our name out there … it’s just a fun event.”

Franciscan student Therese Poole agreed with Whittaker saying, “I love to dance … it’s my favorite.”

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