Students share their experiences at internship fair


Ten Franciscan University of Steubenville students gathered Nov. 14 to share with their fellow classmates about their experiences at various internships, as well as to offer advice on how to find and apply for internships, and how such experiences can be beneficial.

The career services department, which is a strong advocate for students interested in internships, hosted the fair in the J.C. Williams Center. Internships can give students a glimpse of what the post-graduation working world is like and provide helpful experience that will aid students’ success after they graduate. Some internships may also count as college credit. While some internships are paid, most are not.

Sophomore Ariana Kim is a bio-med major with a concentration in pre-med who interned this summer at the Child Cardiology Association. She shadowed doctors, learning how to interact with patients and how to use medical equipment in the clinics.

After interning, Kim realized that she did not want to work in a specific field, but be more of a general practitioner.

Of her time as an intern, Kim said, “Through my experiences, it re-affirmed that I wanted to be a doctor. I realized that I want more variety in my career and not be so specialized.”

She learned about the internship because the clinic she worked in was also a clinic she visited as a patient as a child, and she called her doctor to see if they had an internship program.

Junior Clare Meehan, an international business major, interned with Leaders Now International, a nonprofit organization that promotes dignity and integrity as well as leadership training for young women. Meehan learned how nonprofit organizations are run as opposed to businesses, as well as time management skills, product development skills, and how to work well with others.

She started searching for an internship at the beginning of her sophomore year, and applied and interviewed for the position in February. After interning for the summer, she worked her way up to become a junior board member of the organization.

On how to find internships, Meehan advised students to “Talk to everyone, get out of your shell and be confident. Do your research. Pick up the phone and ask. Also offer to help with anything and everything. Networking is a huge deal when trying to find an internship.”

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