Students relax before finals at Chill on the Hill


chill on the hill Upbeat music sashayed its way across campus on Wednesday, April 23 as part of the festivities at the annual ‘Chill on the Hill’ event.

The gathering took place on the lower porch of the J.C. Williams Center as part of Spring Fling Week’s events put on by Exc!te. Featuring flip-flops as party streamers and a return of beautiful spring weather, it seemed to students everything that a warm, lazy afternoon in college should be.

People laughed and danced to the music. Others were scattered about the green like wildflowers in their colorful spring clothes. Several girls even took a trip back to childhood and roll-raced their way down the hill by St. Francis Hall. Frisbees and corn-hole beanbags were sent through the air in an atmosphere of lighthearted play and relaxation.

“It was pretty awesome,” said junior Rebecca Herwaldt. “They should do this more often.”

The free food and caricature artist inside were a major draw. People lined up for a chance to get cotton candy, shaved ice and taco-in-a-bag.

“This is so great,” said sophomore Joey Schluter. “Whatever age or grade, everyone is just out here enjoying the music and the weather. Let the good times roll.”

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