Student government votes ‘no’ on bill to aid student-run community project


Franciscan University of Steubenville’s student government voted down a bill last week that would have allotted $5,000 to a project aimed at using music to connect Steubenville youth and Franciscan students.

Due largely to financial concerns, the senate voted down the bill on Sept. 11 that would have donated the money to the Harmonium Project – formerly known as the Oddfellows Project.

The project, spearheaded by famed Catholic blogger and Franciscan student Marc Barnes, is striving to bridge the gap between the local and University communities. The Harmonium Project hopes to create a common space for the often-separate worlds of Steubenville and Franciscan.

FUSA president Joe Danaher did not immediately return to requests seeking comment on the vote by deadline.

Franciscan University’s student government is an active student organization that handles tasks such as managing finances for student clubs and charities and considering student-signed petitions.

The student government often makes decisions at their weekly meetings that affect the whole school. Last year, for example, it was student government that brought airport shuttle services to Franciscan University for Christmas break. This happened under Danaher’s presidency. He was re-elected last spring.

Currently there are six empty seats in the student government senate. Friday’s elections will determine who will represent the student body.

Michael Martin, a justice of the student government, explained that a senator’s job is to represent two to three student clubs and vote on bills that are presented to student government. The bills often impact the student body whether they are passed or not.

Isaac Foldi, a freshman with an interest in running for a senate seat, said he’d like to “run for student government not only to serve my class, but also to serve the University to the best of my ability.”

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