Student Government passes bills on clubs, events; amends Bylaws


Student Government passes bills on clubs, events; amends Bylaws

Student Government passed five bills on Wednesday concerning Franciscan clubs and events on campus, as well as amendments to their Bylaws.

Spring Bill 40 was presented to Student Government on behalf of Student Government for their semi-annual exam study hours event in the cafeteria. They requested $500 for drinks, supplies and other snacks.

Sodexo will be providing chips, brownies and cookies for the event, which defrayed the costs of Student Government. The exam study hours event will be April 30 to May 6 from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Spring Bill 39 was another request from Student Government seeking $146 to pay for pizza, beverages and snacks for their Budget Night meeting on April 7. In the past, this meeting has lasted for three or more hours and every student government member is required to stay the full time.

The night is used to debate and determine the budget for the next semester and will be approved during their formal Wednesday meeting. The bill passed unanimously.

Spring Bill 41 was a request for $180 from the Gadfly to pay for shipping of all of this semester’s editions. The Gadfly is a student publication that prints three issues every semester. Over 90 pounds of each edition are printed and shipped from California.

Representing The Gadfly was Chief Justice Eli Hage, editor-in-chief. The bill passed unanimously with Hage promising to search for a cheaper printing service for future years.

Spring Bills 42 and 43 were presented to add corrections and amendments to the Bylaws and Constitution of Student Government in addition to the changes made the previous week.

Student Government’s budgetary meetings will be held on April 7 and April 9.

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