Student government gives money to unofficial clubs

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Franciscan University Student Government met Wednesday in the St. Leo Room in the J.C. Williams Center to discuss nine bills that were to be presented — including bills allocating money to clubs not recognized by Student Life.

Spring Bill 10 caused the most controversy among the student government members. The bill was to allocate $700 to the Young Americans for Freedom’s president Thomas Valentine, for use to provide transportation for 14 students to the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 6-8. Students will have the opportunity to hear political leaders Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Bobby Jindal speak about modern issues in America that young conservatives need to take action on.

The Young Americans for Freedom Club is not recognized by Student Life as an official Franciscan University club, which made senators wary of granting the club money for travel expenses when the money was explicitly for clubs supported by Student Life. Junior Senator Brian Kirby was especially vocal in opposition to the bill, feeling unsure about student tuition going toward an unofficial club.

Freshmen Senators Clare McCallen and Thomas Gaudet are members of the club and plan on attending the conference.

The bill was passed with division. Four senators voted against and seven in favor of the bill.

Spring Bill 9 presented a new justice for approval to the student senate. Colleen Leahy is a junior at Franciscan University studying political science, legal studies and philosophy, and has been a justice for Franciscan’s Student Government in the past. The bill was passed unanimously.

At the end of the meeting, she was sworn in by the chief justice and took her place with the rest of the student government body.

Spring Bill 7 was a request from the Ultimate Frisbee Club to be recognized by Student Government as an official club in order to receive funding. Due to miscommunication between the Student Life office and the Student Government office, the constitution of the Ultimate Frisbee Club had not been finalized and approved. Therefore, Student Government could not recognize them. The bill was tabled until Student Life approved the new Ultimate Frisbee Club constitution.

Spring Bill 8 called to allocate money to the unofficial Ultimate Frisbee Club for uniforms. The club is requiring members to pay for shirts; however, Student Government was to allocate $562.50 to the club to pay for shorts for all members. The bill passed despite the club being unrecognized by Student Government.

Spring Bill 12 was a request from the Ut Unum Sint Society for Christian Unity for $250 to use toward food for students visiting from Wheaton College the week of Feb. 28. The group’s president, Kelly Schaffer, was present to support the bill as it was being presented. It was passed unanimously.

Spring Bill 11 was for the allocation of $30 to be given to the Franciscan Student Film Club for advertisement for their Valentine’s Day card fundraiser. Sign-ups will be held in the J.C. Williams Center Feb. 4-7. The bill was passed unanimously.

Spring Bills 13 through 15 were tabled definitely until next Wednesday’s meeting due to time constraints.

David Schmiesing, vice-president of Student Life, welcomed everyone back for the new semester and reserved all other comments due to time.

During the meeting, the student government secretary noted that office hours for the members of Student Government will begin next week.

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