Student Government discusses spring budget


The Student Government meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 20 concerned the setting of the budget for the 2014 spring semester; therefore, no bills were presented.

The St. Leo Meeting Room in the J.C. Williams Center was completely full due to the presence of most club representatives and all student government members.

Twenty-three clubs were allotted funds during the meeting; however, the Ut Unum Sint Society for Christian Unity was denied funds due to failure to send a representative.

The final budget for the spring 2014 semester for student government came to $26,042.

Student Government spent their extended, informal Monday night meeting outlining the budget for the upcoming semester in order to approve it at their formal Wednesday meeting.

President Joe Danaher thanked all members of the student government for devoting their night to perfecting the new budget.

Clubs present included: Acton Society, American Red Cross, Anime Club, Annunciations, Baronettes, Board Game Association, Commuter Students Association, Eagle Scouts, Equestrian Club, Fr. Michael Scanlan Scholars Society, Faith Study Club, Gadfly, German Club, Latinos for Christ, Outdoors Club, ROTC Club, St. John Bosco Society, Student Government, Students for Life, Society of Blessed Theodore Romzha, Theta Phi Alpha and Triathlon Club.

Holding to tradition, Student Government’s last informal Monday meeting of the 2013 fall semester will be a toga party.

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