Student Government discusses eight bills, passes seven


Student Government debated eight bills at their meeting on Nov. 13, including ones for transportation assistance for holiday breaks. Out of these, seven bills were passed and one was tabled.

Fall Bill 44 was the allocation of $490 toward the Airport Transport program that will be assisting students with rides to the airport over Thanksgiving break. This bill was passed unanimously.

Fall Bill 45 was presented by Student Government for $640 to provide transportation for students to the Pittsburg Airport for Christmas Break. The money will be used to pay for gas, tolls, drivers and van rentals. The bill passed unanimously.

Dates and times for the airport transportation are yet to be announced.

Fall Bill 43 was presented to the Student Government asking for $250 to be allocated to Theta Phi Alpha Sorority to fund its initiation dinner. Theta Phi Alpha is the only sorority on campus and plans to induct 10 new members by the end of the month.

The senate passed the bill unanimously, congratulating the sorority on its new members.

Fall Bill 42 concerned the donation of funds to the Red Cross to be sent to typhoon victims in the Philippines. Student government would match all student donations up to $150. The bill was passed with some debate.

Fall Bill 48 was presented by the Student Government asking for $130 to pay for food for their meeting on November 18. The senate passed the bill unanimously.

Fall Bill 40 was presented by the Saint Thomas More Society asking for $90 to pay for pizza and drinks for a mock trial they hosted on Nov. 15. The society’s vice president was present to represent the bill. The bill passed unanimously, because the trial is one of the only events that the society hosts.

Fall Bill 46 concerned $46 to be given to the Outdoors Club’s last meeting of the year for purchase of pizza and soda. With any unused funds set to be returned the bill passed unanimously.

Fall Bill 47 involved the reimbursement of $42.11 for the Outdoors Club to assist with some of the money that they spent on their first fundraiser. Even though five senators opposed the bill, it was still passed.

Fall Bill 41 was temporarily tabled in the interest of having sufficient time to discuss it.

At the end of the meeting, Student Government president Joe Danaher reminded those present that they must continue to dress formally for all Student Government meetings.

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