Student Government addresses newly presented, tabled bills

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Franciscan University Student Government met Feb. 12 to address newly presented and tabled bills.

Before the close of the meeting, the senate was informed that Spring Bill 10, which allocated money for the trip to Conservative Political Action Conference, was found to be unconstitutional due to them previously allowing beneficiary senators to vote at the Jan. 29 meeting.

“We need to avoid the appearance of impropriety,” said Colleen Leahy, one of the justices.

President Joe Danaher made it clear that it was deemed unconstitutional due to the illegitimate votes of the senators, not the content of the bill.

Article II, Section D, 7 of the Student Government bylaws state, “Any Senator who is the primary beneficiary of a bill must abstain from voting on said legislation, unless said bill is for a Student Government expenditure.”

The bill can be represented at a later date.

“There is a lot of red tape,” said Clare McCallan, one of the senators who will be attending the conference. “The trip is still happening, it is a wonderful opportunity. It gives students a chance to get involved in the political process. The students are making a great effort to go, which shows they care about the political future.”

McCallan further stated that in spite of the trip being expensive, the students raised most of the money. They asked Student Government for $350 for transportation.

Andrew Koehler, vice president of Student Government, reminded the senators that they need to keep charity in mind when addressing fellow senators.

Student Government held a special election for sophomore and junior senator positions.  There were two sophomore candidates and one junior candidate. Aaron Bassinger and Victoria Schimmer ran for the sophomore seat, both with experience in their high school student government and student council.

Bethany Hair was the only candidate for the junior position and holds very little experience in an organization like Student Government but was “excited to gain experience,” she said. She currently works as a library supervisor.

The Senate voted anonymously and votes were counted by the chief justice. Bassinger won the sophomore position and Hair received the junior position. Both were sworn in at the end of the meeting.

Student Government returned to the business section of the meeting in order to un-table Spring Bill 7, which was to recognize the Ultimate Frisbee Club as an official campus club. The club is open to all male students of Franciscan University and there are already around 20 members.

The club’s constitution had been reapproved by Student Life and was passed unanimously.

“A year and half and a month … that is how long it has taken to get approval,” said Ian Gill, Ultimate Frisbee Club treasurer. “The longest process ever. We went to the athletics department, to Student Life and then back to athletics. But we’re here, and our first tournament is March 1.”

Spring Bill 21 was a request from the Student Government for $770 to provide shuttle services for Franciscan Students to the airport for Spring Break. The money will be used for tolls, gas and rental vans, because university vehicles will be in use by students going on mission trips over break.

Students will be able to sign up for the shuttle service before break, and the sign up table will also be accepting donations from students to help cover the cost. Student Government provided similar services to the airport in the fall as students left campus for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. The bill passed unanimously with little discussion.

Spring Bill 22 concerned the allocation of $700 to fund a talk given by Thomas Storck sponsored by Students for a Fair Society. This bill was tabled indefinitely.

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