St. Thomas More Society plans event after reactivation

By Regina Planchet

A newly reactivated club on campus is the St. Thomas More Society.

“The St. Thomas More Society is the legal studies club on campus,” said Cassandra Pyle, the club treasurer. “It’s an academic group and our patron saint is St. Thomas More.”

St. Thomas More, himself a lawyer, is the patron saint of lawyers and a fitting patron for this group of future lawyers.

Pyle said the society was around a while ago and were re-activated in the 2012 spring semester.

The society’s big event this semester is a mock trial where students will present a real murder case from the Oregon legislature in the format of an actual trial. It will take place on Friday, Nov. 16. The society also has a monthly newsletter and brings in speakers.

“We bring in political scientists and lawyers to talk about current legal issues,” Pyle said. “Last year when there was a big surge in interest about gasoline and natural gas we brought in a lawyer to talk about the legal aspects about it.”

In addition to planning events, the society also provides information for those who are interested in law school. The society gives them information about applying for law school and about the Law School Admission Test, the entrance exam for law school.

There are about 10 active members in the club, though Pyle said that some non-members are doing the mock trial. The club meets Mondays at 5:15 pm in the St. Margaret Room of the JC Williams Center.

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