St. Josemaria Escriva and “Manhoodity” return to campus



troubmanhoodityMen’s Ministry’s “Manhoodity: Part Two” was held, Monday, Jan, 21 in the J.C. William Center Gentile Gallery. The central topic of the night was the teaching and preaching of St. Josemaria Escriva, on everyday love and service.

“I assure you, my sons and daughters,” read a quote from Escriva on a handout distributed at the meeting, “that when a Christian carries out with love the most insignificant everyday action, that action overflows with the transcendence of God. That is why I have told you repeatedly, and hammered away once and again on the idea that the Christian vocation consists of making heroic verse out of the prose of each day.”

This quote, which was originally part of a 14-page homily Escriva delivered, set the tone for the entire evening of reflection and conversation. The meeting consisted of a series of three brief video clips of Escriva speaking. Each was framed into an accompanying discussion session. Questions were posed to the group and left open for discussion for roughly fifteen-minutes, during which the men in the gallery talked it over amongst themselves. A few of the tables were grouped into largely household or resident hall communities.

The first topic of the night was on the common urge to limit God to the extraordinary, and the question of how one might bring him back into the everyday lives. This was followed by an examination of men’s tendencies. Some participants said men stick to themselves and to what is comfortable in their lives, instead of the uncomfortable sacrifices which make them virtuous. The question was raised during this open discussion of just how willing each individual in attendance would be to physically suffer for his faith. The night ended with reflection on how to respond to and avoid dryness, reluctance and emptiness in prayer.

Drinks were also served – alcohol for those of legal age, with the first drink on the house. During the opening icebreaker, each man attending was asked to share – within three minutes – his all-time favorite scar story.

Each “Manhoodity” meeting is announced ahead of time by fliers throughout campus, and is open free of charge to all men.

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