SPORTS COLUMN: The Winter Games in Sochi

Sports Editor 

The excitement in the announcer’s voice, the determination in the athlete’s eyes and the spectators all sitting on the edge of their seats fuel the exhilaration that pulses through the world during the time of the Olympics.

The fact that every two years in the winter or summer the world unites to focus on the dedication of people who have worked for years to put their talents to the test in a competition on the world stage amazes me.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Olympics and enjoy watching the athletes compete in so many different sports – sometimes in ones I’ve never even heard of. This year, watching the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, I feel like I’ve been watching it in a new light.

The thrill of seeing men and women who have worked so hard to represent their country on the world stage is a wonderful reminder of the patriotism we should hold dear to our hearts.

I can’t think of any other time when the entire world unites to focus on the positive accomplishments of people from nearly every country. What an incredible opportunity to focus on hope and peace throughout the world.

The Olympics aren’t perfect and some athletes might not love what they’re doing anymore, but overall, the abilities they have help give the world a reason to unite.

There’s something about cheering on the USA, even if it is from halfway across the world that renews a sense of passion for the country we live in.

The assorted group of people who come together to form team USA represent various states and regions. But in forming the one team, they remind all of us that our country is one and can do incredible things when united for one cause.

In the victories and defeats of the athletes, the country rejoices and feels the pain evident in the tear-filled eyes of the athletes.

In exposing themselves to the whole world, the athletes allow the world to participate in furthering their growth when they finish in first, or in fiftieth.

Just as the athletes have experienced growth, I hope we can all grow in our appreciation of the union of the world and of our country and carry on a sense of pride in the accomplishments of all the athletes.

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