Sports column: Once a Baron, always a Baron

Sports Editor

As we embark on the final weeks of the semester, I can’t help but have a nostalgic attitude
toward everything I do. So here it is – my last article in the Troubadour as Sports Editor.

Looking back over the years from freshman to senior year, I have witnessed many changes
in the athletics of Franciscan University. The biggest changes that come to mind are the
transition into official NCAA members, the addition of three new NCAA teams and the
newest addition: the fitness center.

There is no denying that it is an exciting time to be a part of such a growing program, but
there have also been many smaller changes in myself that I have witnessed through my
athletic experiences here.

I have been privileged to be a member of the cross-country team, play nearly every
intramural sport, watch many games as a spectator and even cover games as a reporter.
Seeing sports from all these different angles have given me a deeper appreciation for all
that goes into athletics on the college level.

Being a part of both the cross country team and various intramural teams has allowed me
to enter into so many friendships that may not have happened otherwise. The camaraderie
built between teammates is something that strengthens this campus and makes the
intertwined net of people closer and stronger.

Watching sports as a spectator and reporter gives an insight into the depth of the
dedication that teams put into every game they play. Having the opportunity to cheer your
friends and classmates on in an endeavor they have invested so much of their time in is
such an eye-opening opportunity.

I’ve always loved going to games to be able to really connect and appreciate the dedication
of all the athletes on our campus. Also, as an athlete myself, I know how meaningful it is
when people take the time to come and support you and your team. Shout out to Hannah
Flanagan for being the No. 1 cross country fan throughout our 2013 season.

Being instilled with the pride of a Baron athlete and fan is something I’ll forever be thankful

I challenge you, Franciscan, to be proud to be a Baron and go to sporting events and stay
updated on our school’s teams. I challenge you to invest in more than just your friends’
teams and to make every team your team.

This isn’t goodbye – it’s a see you later – because I guarantee to stay updated with all you
Barons and your accomplishments. Once a Baron, always a Baron.

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