Local restaurant closes its doors for second time since 2012


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Following a similar incident that occurred in May 2012, Spanky’s Pancake House in Wintersville, Ohio has once again closed its doors to business.

The locally owned, family-style brunch restaurant, popular with Franciscan University of Steubenville students and praised for its fresh food and comfortable ambience, mysteriously and unexpectedly remained closed for about eight months in 2012.

Now, once again, the restaurant has quietly shut its doors, leaving students and surrounding businesses and restaurants to wonder what happened.

Franciscan students will miss the cozy atmosphere and delicious pancakes and other foods at Spanky’s. “I loved Spanky’s,” remarked junior Stasia Phillips. “I miss it. It had such a homey atmosphere and the staff was very friendly.”

A manager of a store located in the same plaza said that Spanky’s shut down when the plaza’s owner recently sold the plaza. The manager was granted anonymity to protect their employment. All other businesses and restaurants that were contacted either expressed surprise that Spanky’s had closed again, or could not offer any information about why it happened.

Sophomore commuter Sam Ivkovich said, “I’ve been there a few times with my family and would sometimes see my relatives or town friends eating there, too. It was a great place to eat homemade food reasonably priced. I hope they reopen soon.”

Ivkovich added that his favorite thing about Spanky’s, besides the community and reasonable prices, was “the at-home atmosphere that surrounded you as you ate,” he said. “My favorite home-style dishes were the burgers and salads, assembled with simple ingredients for a fresh taste. The service was quite friendly, too.”

Junior Ryan Nash shared his experiences as well. “I’ve been there a few times. I liked how it was cheap, homey and they gave me good coffee. I think the owners live upstairs,” he speculated.

Nash was very distraught to find out the news about Spanky’s.

“I was like ‘Dang!’ When I heard that it was closing, I was very disappointed that I didn’t go there more often. If they open again, I will eat a plethora of their dishes for days,” he said.

Sophomore Amanda Rodriguez agreed.

“I can tell you that Spanky’s has a wonderful homey feel in their restaurant and a homemade taste in theirfood,” she said. “I’m upset that they’re closed.”

Despite its popularity among students, however, Spanky’s remains closed, and the reasons why remain a mystery. Only time will tell if their doors will open again.

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