Senators Needed in Student Government

On Sept. 3, Student Government had its first weekly meeting of the academic year. The main purpose of this meeting was to nominate new candidates to unfilled positions.

One of the crucial vacant titles was chief justice, now filled by Thomas Gaudet, a previous senator. During the meeting, Senator Stephen Shaw described Gaudet as someone who has “passion and experience that qualify him for this position.”

Gaudet was voted unanimously into his current position.

Once sworn in as chief justice, Gaudet was responsible for swearing in several associates to various positions in student government who were also unanimously elected on Wednesday. These include Courtney Shingle as executive assistant, Victoria Schimmer as a justice, Billy Himpler as internal auditor, Meg Gargulinski as treasurer, and Leah Kubisch as secretary.

With these changes, it should be noted that there are several positions that are yet to be filled as of Wednesday.

“We are in need of senators from the senior and junior classes,” Gaudet said. “As a member of the student government, you see how the university operates and you have a say.”

The student government advisor, David Schmiesing, gave a short address to the student government in response to the beginning of the academic year.

“The student government has power here at Franciscan,” said Schmiesing. “Not only do they have the authority and resources to make headway, they also have the people to pull it off.”

In weeks to come, Student Government will begin discussing allocation of funds for student clubs and budgeting.

The meeting ended with president Kirby reminding all present that Student Government will be represented at the Student Life Club Fair on Sept. 12 and that the Senate is still in need of three justices for the year.

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