Rosa Mystica hosts flannel dance

flannel dance



flannel danceFrom pulling out the dusty Santa suits in their closets for the Christmas dance to painting themselves green for the End of Summer Beach Bash, Franciscan University students may think that they have seen the best that dances can offer. One dance, however, that students could not afford to miss was Rosa Mystica’s new Flannel Dance on Sept. 21.


While many household dances have become a yearly tradition, such as Lion of Judah’s ’70s Dance, Rosa Mystica put on their Flannel Dance for the first time this year. The household decided to organize the dance as a fundraiser.

“Last semester, our household was in short supply of funds,” said Emily Buss, co-coordinator of Rosa Mystica. “This is the first time we’ve done anything other than a bake sale. We just wanted to throw a party. It’s fun to advertise our household and we like talking to people.”

The dance served not only as a fundraiser, but also as a fruitful community experience for the women of Rosa Mystica.

“Putting on the dance cultivates sisterhood among us,” Buss said. “We have reached the point where our household can either grow and succeed or fizzle out.”

Any student reluctant to donate two dollars to attend Rosa Mystica’s dance may not have known about the causes that the fundraiser supports. In addition to providing the household with customized shirts, it also funds the household’s retreats, guest speakers and service projects.

“We have talked about tithing, perhaps to some organization that has to do with our household charism of the priests and religious,” Buss said.

The household’s hopes for high participation were met by the turnout of the dance. Over eighty students flocked to the J.C. Williams Center in their favorite plaid attire to dance and enjoy a fun time. The event brought to light just how much flannel Franciscan students really have.

Rosa Mystica’s 15-member household is fairly new, having only been in existence for five years. The household’s spirituality is based on the image of Mary at the foot of the Cross.

“We focus on the Paschal mystery and embracing that with a feminine heart,” Catherine O’Camb, fellow co-coordinator of Rosa Mystica, explained.

“We try to emulate Mary’s redemptive suffering, steadfast hope and jubilant thanksgiving in every moment of our lives,” Buss said. “We do that through liberating self-knowledge, contemplative prayer and authentic femininity.”

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