Picnic thanks chapel ministries


The weather was perfect for Chapel Ministry Appreciation, held on Sunday, April 29 in the Piazza de Santi between Sts. Clare, Elizabeth, Kolbe, Louis, and Thomas More halls.

The event was organized by the Liturgy Committee, comprised of the leaders of each different chapel ministry and headed by Harrison Juliano, student head of Liturgy Committee. It included a picnic-style celebration, with all the people who participated in chapel ministries able to relax and socialize with each other.

“We have it at the end of every semester, to thank everyone who works in the chapel,” Jessica Pehmoeller, co-head of sacristans.

The different ministries that were thanked at the celebration were sacristans, servers (for both ordinary and extraordinary form Masses), extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (also known as EMHCs), ushers, musicians, readers, sacramental ministries, Martha and Mary Ministries and sacred art.

Pehmoeller explained that planning for the event started a few weeks in advance, in order to ensure there would be enough food, that everyone would be invited and that other necessities would be taken care of. The actual setup only took about half an hour.

Regina Planchett, a junior at Franciscan, was one of the many attendees, and had been participating in the music ministry for five semesters. She also began participating as a sacristan and an EMHC while in Austria and continued participating in those for a second semester.

She had been in choirs for years, and began working with music ministry as a continuation of that. She began to participate as a sacristan and EMHC in preparation for a summer job.

“I liked it so much I decided to keep doing it on campus,” she said.

Planchett had high praise for the ministries and her time involved with them.

“It’s a really unique way to serve God,” she said. “Each of the different ministries serves in a different way.”

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