Oh you of little faith

By Mary Thew

The Sisters of Life drew a large crowd of students and faculty to the International Room, Thursday, November 15. Three sisters, Sister Virginia Joy, Sister Joan Marie, and Sister Ann Catherine, drove down from Manhattan, New York to talk to students on the Year of Faith. The talk was hosted by Students for Life.

The sisters of Life were founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O’Connor. In addition to taking the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the Sisters of Life take a fourth vow to protect and further the sanctity of all human life. They have many ministries that they run including: Hope and Healing (post abortive healing), Visitation Mission, a retreat ministry, Co-Workers of Life, New Evangelization, etc.

Rose Rapp, a sophomore, said, “Their visitation mission, mirrored after bringing Christ to others with Mary as our model, is sweet.”

When speaking about the gift of faith, Sister Virginia Joy (who gave the talk) said, “Who am I to have received such a gift? Who are we to have received such a gift? And yet we don’t always receive it and we don’t always respond to sort of the deep faith that we are called to live.”

Sister Virginia Joy had the crowd alternately laughing and contemplating the meaning of faith, and the crisis of faith in the culture today. She challenged the audience to read Pope Benedict’s letter on the year of faith.

The Year of Faith is a call from Pope Benedict XVI in Porta Fidei, “…to rediscover the content of the faith that is professed, celebrated, lived and prayed, and to reflect on the act of faith, is a task the every believer must make his own

Sister said, “We all desire more, our hearts all long for more, and each of us when we’re honest with ourselves we have chosen at different times to invest in or put our faith in things or people over God. We’ve each chosen things these over faith in the one who calls us to more, who calls us to relationship with Himself.”

After the talk, the Sisters answered questions about their ministries and whether they were ever going to spread out past the New England area.

Sister Virginia Joy jokingly replied, “We want to be coming to a town near you.”

The Sisters stood in the back of the International Lounge for almost an hour talking to students and ministering to them. Everyone could be heard talking about how much they loved the Sisters of Life as they slowly wandered out of the room.

Maria Markle, a sophomore, said, “I’m so glad the Sisters came, they are such a beautiful witness of what it means to be pro-life.”

Junior, Jenna Leighton said, “The humble love of the Sisters of Life inspires me to uphold the dignity of each and every life.”

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