New student senators ready to serve


Student Government recently welcomed four new senators to the table. The election took place Feb. 4 where more than 15 candidates came to represent the sophomore, junior and senior classes. The ones who impressed the judges the most were Mark Wahl for the sophomore class, Calvin Larsen and Elias Hage for the junior class, and Monica Krason for the senior class. Joe Danaher, a junior from Steubenville and president of Student Government, said that all the candidates demonstrated leadership skills and he hopes that they will run again when more positions open. He expects the elected students to do a good job representing the student body through the clubs around campus.

Wahl, from Pittsburgh, impressed the judges with his confidence and zeal. “I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m definitely looking forward to serve,” Wahl said.

Hage, from East Lyme, Conn., plans to use his new position to help increase dialogue between the student body and the administration.

“The university is undertaking major changes and we the students deserve a say in the plans set forth for our school,” said Hage. “Transparency is needed. Students should not be held in the shadows.”

Larsen, from Baltimore, is looking forward to being involved in financial decisions and helping others realize the importance of hard work.

Sarah Carts, a senior from Accokeek, Md, was a senator last semester and is a public relation liaison this semester. Carts expects the new senators to bring “a whole slew of new opinions and more vibrant debates.”

Carts enjoys working on advertising for Student Government and getting service projects going in Steubenville. “What we do goes a long way in ‘getting outside of the bubble,'” Carts said.

She said that Student Government does a lot to spread the goodness found at Franciscan to the community in Steubenville.

According to Danaher, who started his term as president in August, 2012, student government represents the student body by supporting student clubs. At the end of each semester, they make a budget with the allotted $39,000 and give money to the clubs so the groups can have their events paid for ahead of time. The senators choose certain clubs to sponsor throughout the semester. Danaher said he looks for good communication skills in new senators so they will be good campaigners for the clubs.

“It’s kind of like being a lawyer for a client,” Danaher said. “Senators have to get the right information and be able to be an advocate for their club when debating on a bill.” Only senators debate on the bills.

Currently, there are no representatives for the graduate class. Danaher said that there is usually less reception from this class since they are generally busier. Danaher will still make an effort to recruit at least one or two graduate senators.

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