New policy prohibits dances in Assisi Heights community center


Due to a change in policy, dances will no longer be held in the Assisi Heights Community Center.

Kyle Murphy, residence director of Assisi Heights, said that the Assisi Heights Community Center serves the same purpose for commuters and residents of the Heights that lobbies, lounges and common rooms serve in the dorms. The Community Center is a place to gather and relax.

One reason that dances can no longer be held in the Assisi Heights Community Center is that renovations are currently underway to improve the interior and exterior space, Murphy said. These renovations will make it more difficult to move furniture and create the proper space for a dance.

Murphy also said that he is certain that some residents will appreciate the absence of loud music later in the evening, as there were complaints of the noise of dances in the past. These two factors – an inappropriate level of noise and inadequate space – led to the new policy that prohibits dances in the Community Center.

This change affects two households that had planned to hold dances in the Community Center, but there are other spots around campus that are available for dances.

Residents of Assisi Heights held varying opinions about the new dance policy for the Community Center. Some enjoyed the dances in previous years and called their future absence “sad,” others lacked an opinion, and still others did not think that dances in the Community Center were a good idea because of the area’s limited space.

A wide variety of student life functions are hosted in the Heights Community Center; groups use it for birthday parties, movie nights, fundraisers, praise and worship, board game nights, RA events, and other student activities.

Anyone interested in hosting an event in the Assisi Heights Community Center can contact Murphy to reserve the center. Murphy said that he is happy to talk to students who may have complaints about the new policy.

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