Men’s Soccer Honors Seniors with a Win

By: Mark Walusis

Throughout high school and collegiate sports, when the clock is ticking down, and a team has conceded a late score and is suddenly in danger of losing, there’s only one elite group of people the players on the team will turn to look for leadership, hope, and the strength to overcome the opposing team. These are the seniors.

Franciscan University of Steubenville’s men’s soccer team has three seniors, Joseph Krilich, Evan Olsen, and Bill Millburn. These men provide the leadership in game changing situations.

“Evan has been playing very well this season, he has been holding down our back line at outside back,” said Baron head coach Ward Rogers. “The opposing team’s fastest player usually ends up on his side of the field, and he’s been doing very well to defend that player.”

“Joe and Bill have had nagging injuries and missed some time, but have been very effective when on the pitch,” Rogers said. “Joe dominates the midfield and is an extremely accurate passer. We look to run our offense through him, and he does a very good job of controlling our offense.”

“Bill is one of our fastest players, he plays on the wing and makes good runs down the sides to expose the other team and open up their defense.” Rogers said.

Rogers endlessly praised their leadership on and off the field.

“They’ve done a great job of solidifying the concept of teamwork and brotherhood on the field and off,” Rogers said. “Joe has been a great leader by example, he is very consistent in his actions, he backs up what he says with his lifestyle.”

“Evan has grown into a strong leader, he constantly questions our motives as a team, he makes sure we truly represent being in service to each other, not allowing one player to rise above as an individual and to always reminds us to keep the team together,” said Rogers.

“Bill does a very good job of keeping us focused, make sure we are doing the right things and sticking to our assignments on the field” said Rogers.

Traditionally the seniors on the team are the leaders and respected by all. Senior night for Franciscan Men’s soccer took place last here on campus weekend against D’Youville University. All of the seniors on the team were recognized before the match.

It was a strong game for the Barons, ending in golden goal overtime with the senior Joseph Krilich bending in a corner kick to score the game winner. This was the only win of the season for the men’s soccer team so far.

“All three of them (the seniors) got to play despite injuries, and they each played very well: Evan at the back, Joe in the middle, and Bill up top,” Rogers recalled.

As seniors these players have the responsibility to be role models for the other members of the team.

“Seniors provide off and on the field leadership, when a coach can’t be directly involved all look to them for example, they all do a great job, all three of them” said Rogers.

Rogers also commented on the excitement of the team’s first win of the season.

“It was great to see all our improvement and hard work from the season pay off!” said Rogers

The Barons certainly look to finish the season strong with the help of strong leadership from the seniors. Let’s Go Barons!

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