Men’s household spreads devotion to patron


As students and faculty walked through the J.C. Williams Center on Friday they were sure to notice the display of the Infant of Prague put up by Prince of Peace men’s household.

Household members Eddie Bardella and Andrew Shea joyfully shared with anyone willing to hear the story of their patron. Bardella said that the goal of the table was to spread devotion to the Infant.

“The Infant of Prague is in about every church, but a lot of people don’t know about the devotions,” said Bardella.

Members encouraged people to pray to the Infant daily. They handed out images and a prayer titled “Prayer to the Most Loving Infant Jesus.” Bardella said that the Infant is known for healing, financial blessings and more.

Bardella said that many people were happy to learn about the devotion, or if they already knew about it, to see the household encouraging devotion.

We want to spread the richness of the faith,” said Bardella.

In regard to the Infant, Bardella said that the devotion is about having “littleness before God, and awe of the mystery of the Incarnation.”

In the future, the household plans to have a similar table devoted to their other patron, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, who is a model of personal holiness for them as young men, Bardella said.

In addition to their devotion to the Infant and Pier Giorgio, Prince of Peace household focuses on the two pillars of personal holiness and unity. The household, located in Trinity Hall, is united by the common goal to be great men, said Bardella.

This unity is the source of great peace within ourselves, our relationships, and we are to bring that to campus, as well,” Bardella said.

The Infant is the prince of peace,” he continued, “and also reminds us that no matter how great we are, we must always be like children before God. Only then are we truly great.”

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