Men’s Baron tennis team endures long day of conference matchups

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STEUBENVILLE, Ohio—The Baron tennis team had a busy day competing in two
conference matches in one day. What could have been a daunting day turned into the
Barons victory against University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 8-1 in the morning and
sweeping University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 9-0 in the afternoon.

“It’s just been a great day,” head coach Jeremy Ellis said.

The day started at the home courts playing against Bradford in the blistery cold wind.
Continuing to attain the goal to win all three doubles right off the bat to set up the rest of
the match did not come easy, but was still accomplished.

“We won all three doubles and that’s what we want to do,” Ellis said. “ The tightest one was
No. 3 doubles and we pulled that one out which is great competition.”

No.1 doubles Paul Jarzynka and Zachary Quiza won 8-0, and No. 2 doubles Luke Merry and
David Freytag also smoothly grabbed an 8-3 win. For No. 3 doubles Robert Butcher and
Joseph Staniszewski, the win came after a little more of a battle. But they still pulled out the
8-6 win.

Next up was singles play, but due to the cold and windy weather, they shortened the
matches to eight game pro sets.

“Shortening the matches means you’ve got to go out and start strong, so everyone did,” Ellis

The team won all but one of the singles matches, Jarzynka 8-3, Quiza 8-0, Freytag 8-4,
Merry 8-0, and Staniszewski 8-2. Ellis said that Quiza’s match was crucial for the team.

“Quiza pulled into together,” Ellis said. “The kid he played beat Greensburg yesterday, so
that was a pivotal match for us to win to give us an insight into what our next match is
going to look like.”

The Baron No. 3 doubles team winning also gave insight into how their match in the
afternoon would go as Bradford’s No. 3 doubles team had also beat Greensburg the day

The FUS team battled the wind a few days earlier and in the morning, but today with the
excessive wind and cold decided, to move its second match of the day, against Greensburg,
to an indoor facility.

Going into the match, the Barons were ready to put up a fight against tough conference
opponent Greensburg and as shown in the 9-0 final score that they gave it everything they

“To start it out we won all three doubles, which is what I wanted to do and what we’ve been
able to do so far,” Ellis said. “Going into a match 3-0 gives a lot of confidence.”
Jarzynka and Quiza won 8-1, Merry and Freytag also won 8-1 and Butcher and
Staniszewski swept their opponents with an 8-0 win.

“All the players saw who they were going to play singles against in doubles and then they
just handed it to them in doubles,” Ellis said. “So it gave them the confidence where all we
had to do was win two of the singles to win. Everyone felt confident going into their singles

From top to bottom, the Barons were ready to show their depth as multiple players had
exceptional matches. The most shocking of the day was sophomore Robert Butcher and his
come back.

He lost the first set, won the second and then went into the super tie breaker. In the
tiebreaker he was down 4-9, just one point away from losing the first set match break and
didn’t let it happen. He won 7 straight points to clench an 11-9 victory.

“The best pull out today was Rob “The Remedy” Butcher,” Ellis said. “He just stay focused
and grinded the points out. At the moment being down 4-9 there’s nothing really I can do
except let him stay focused and he proved his mental toughness.”

Senior Jarzynka at No. 1 singles was prepared to shut down his opponent as he won handily
against Greensburg’s No. 1 6-4, 6-4. Quiza also took on his opponent with confidence as he
won 6-0, 6-1.

“Those two were obviously really good matches,” Ellis said. “Paul didn’t let him get any
rhythm at all as he served and volleyed really well. Quiza didn’t even let his kid play. He
played insane, he played like he should be able to play every match.”

The last person on the courts was Staniszewski who also pulled out a close match ending 6-
2, 5-7, and 11-9 to push the team over to the 9-0 sweep.

After a long exciting day, the Barons are now 5-0 in the AMCC with their next conference
match against Penn State Behrend not until Sunday April 13.

“We don’t want to go in over confident, but the way the way the guys are playing right now,
they’re playing really well,” Ellis said. “We want to take this conference. We’re looking
ahead. We have to play Behrend Sunday which we’re ready for.”

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