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Edyta Wolk, Editor-in-Chief, is a senior double major in communication arts (journalism concentration) and theology. She has been writing for the Troub since freshman year and has previously served as the Copy Editor, a Staff Writer and the Austria Correspondent. She loves working for Catholic media and has written for various other newspapers and blogs. Born in Poland, Edyta is still on the search for someone who can pronounce her name correctly on the first try








Veronica Novotny, Assistant Editor, is a junior theology student from Catonsville, Maryland, where “life is great in 21228.” She began writing for the Troubadour in the fall of 2018, when she was awarded “Staff Writer of the Semester,” spurring her on to exploring her
journalistic capabilities as Assistant Editor.

In addition to writing and editing for the Troub, Veronica enjoys reading (even for an assignment!) and creative writing. She swing dances as often as she is asked to and relishes editing her friends’ papers.

Sometimes known for spending what some might call “too much” time with friends, family and Jesus, she thinks that changing the world starts with loving the people in front of you.




Cecilia Engbert, Copy Editor, I am a communication arts and theology double major. My home is Virginia, where I grew up in the woods with an ever-fluctuating number of chickens, two cats and seven siblings. After being a staff writer for the Troubadour last year, I am ready fora new challenge and am super thrilled for my first semester working on the editorial staff.

When I’m not writing (or attempting to write), you might find me throwing a frisbee, baking calorie-packed goodies, reading classics, sewing cross stitch or doing sudoku puzzles. I am interested in American history (unprofessionally), I’m an amateur acrylic painter and I love crocs. If you see me around campus, be sure to say hi. I’ll be smiling behind my mask.





Teresa Dulac, Sports Editor, is a senior communications arts major with a concentration in journalism, and she comes from the great state of Nebraska. She has been with the Troubadour since the fall of 2017 and loves writing, traveling and sports.

Catch her in your local Walmart, wearing Birks and socks, checking her bank account to see if she has enough money for Cheetos.







Lizzie Wagner, Photo Editor, is a junior, multi-media communications major from Nashport, Ohio. Lizzie has been taking pictures since she was little. She loves to find the beauty in the world through the lens of her camera, and she excited to be back on staff at the Troubadour this semester. Lizzie’s favorite place on campus is hanging out with her sisters in Madonna of the Streets. Lizzie’s other interests include singing, dance, and musical theater. She is eager to serve the students on Franciscan’s campus through her love of photography.







Jency Clement, Web Editor, is a sophomore Multimedia and Psychology major from Seattle,Washington. She wrote as a staff writer during her freshman year, and is excited to start working with the Troub’s editorial staff as Web Editor. Post-grad, she plans on pursuing a career in UX Design. In her spare time, you can find her taking long walks while listening to podcasts, cracking up at a good pun, or beating her friends at ping pong.









Madeline Van Haute, Layout Editor, I am a sophomore communications major with a concentration in multimedia from BatonRouge, Louisiana. This is my first semester working with The Troubadour and I am extremely excited to join the team! In my free time, I love finding random adventures to embark on with friends, movie nights, and being outdoors.







Ben Miller, Layout Editor, is a junior communication arts major from Sandy Springs, Georgia. Having worked as the Distribution Manager, he is entering his third semester working with the Troubadour. This semester, he will be working as the Layout Editor and is glad to have the opportunity to contribute to the newspaper.In his free time, he enjoys playing various card games, reading, swimming, spending time with his friends, and working as a layout editor on the Image and Likeness magazine. After college, he hopes to continue with layout editing.






Jared Johnson, Social Media Manager, is a sophomore Communication Arts major with a concentration in Digital Broadcast and Production. The 2020-2021 school year is his first year working with the Troubadour.

Jared is from northern Illinois, and loves writing, thinking about writing, film, thinking about film, history, thinking about history … along with a little theology, piano, swordplay, and way too many various and random things. Hopefully he’ll end up a film and TV screenwriter, director, and editor.






Christopher Dacanay, Distribution Manager, is a sophomore communication arts major with a concentration in journalism. Raised in Beaver, Pennsylvania, Chris has been a writer for the Troubadour since his first semester at Franciscan, during which he was awarded“Staff Writer of the Semester.” He now works as the Distribution Manager, spreading the good news of the Troubadour all over campus.

Chris plays guitar, drums, violin and bass; he loves writing music and performing live for all types of events. He is a part of the Fishers of Men household, spending most of his time with his brothers. In addition, Chris enjoys drawing, playing video games and taking naps


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