Marian rejuvenation complete

By Catherine Durand

Marian Hall will never be the same again – which might not be such a bad thing.

Over the summer, Marian Hall underwent extreme renovations, including a small addition to the east wing.

According to resident assistant Caitlyn Askew, Marian Hall has just undergone “phase two” of a three-phase process. Phase one included new wiring and bathrooms. Phase two included renovating the east and south wings. Phase three will include the revisions of phase two for the north and west wings.

The most significant renovation to Marian Hall included the addition of rooms on the east wing, allowing for more housing for students. Revisions also included new common rooms, better furniture, an improved staircase, trash rooms, a new exercise room, a study lounge and wireless internet for the entire hall.

When asked how residents had responded to the new look in Marian Hall, Askew stated, “They love it,” adding that the revisions have added a new spark of energy to the students in the dorm.

Askew continued, “It’s calling households to renew themselves and be excited about being a household, and that’s exciting to see.”

She added with a smile, “And the wireless is awesome.”

Because most of the work was done in the summer, difficulties presented by the renovations were minimal.

“I think the struggles were mostly just timing, since we’re here for most of the year. But the timing is do-able,” said Askew.

She also mentioned the concern among residents that they would lose “the feel of Marian Hall.” She said, “The community is still here, which is really nice to see. I think that was our biggest worry, would it still be Marian…and it is.”

Margaret Schuetz, a resident of Marian Hall, said, “I like how bright it is at the end of the hallway. The big windows – in the stairwells – those are my favorite part. I also like the chair hangout area on ground floor.”

Schuetz had little to criticize regarding the new renovations, but she did say, “I miss having all the windows in my room,” and explained that, while the rooms of Marian Hall used to have windows that went across the entire wall, they now have a single window, similar to that of other residence halls.

Regarding the new appearance of the dorm rooms, Schuetz said: “It seems like they’re trying to have it look like other dorms.”

One thing still separates Marian Hall from the other dorms: the lack of air conditioning.

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