Letter to the Editor: In response to “Addressing Pornography”

On behalf of Franciscan University’s Campus Counseling Center, I respectfully disagree with your assertion that the pornography problem on campus is ignored. It is true that no public talks regarding pornography have been scheduled on campus. However, pornography is very much a discussed issue in more private settings across campus.

Since 2007, Campus Counseling has facilitated groups for males who struggle with sexual addiction problems. Additionally, Campus Counseling provides individual therapy for males and females who struggle with these sexual addictions. Many of these students also choose to adjunct their therapy with spiritual direction as well. Sexual addiction problems are a popular topic during household share groups and retreats. The Lord’s healing takes many forms; we strive to provide opportunities for this healing to occur. Healing from any addiction (sexual or otherwise) is a difficult journey. Let us keep those who are on this journey in our prayers, and love them whenever possible.

In Christ,

Matthew Burriss

Mental Health Counselor

Franciscan University of Steubenville

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