Lacrosse teams mesh ministry, athleticism


Lacrosse has exploded into the most popular growing sport of this decade. More clubs and teams crop up every year. We see the effects hit home at Franciscan University as we go into the second year of the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams. Both clubs are getting ready to gear up for next semester’s season.

Franciscan University’s lacrosse program offers a unique opportunity for new and current student athletes to become involved and participate in our Catholic Ministry. The popularity of lacrosse gives Franciscan the ability to reach a greater number of incoming students and provide them with the knowledge and charity that it takes to partake in Franciscan Athletics. Ministry is the main priority for Men’s Lacrosse head coach Peter Rosaschi. When asked, on a scale of one to 10, how excited he is to be the head of the Men’s Baron Lacrosse team, he answered “15.”

Peter Rosaschi has coached lacrosse for over a decade in New York and is returning for his second season with the Barons. Rosaschi acknowledges that this inaugural year is exciting for his new players. In fact, three of his future opponents are also in their second season.

Rosaschi has two children that are currently attending Franciscan and one that graduated recently. He has seen the growth that his children experience first hand here and is more than excited to be able to magnify that positive influence through the lacrosse team. He understands his unique opportunity to be a catalyst of Christ’s light that Franciscan Athletics has been able to accomplish year after year.

Women’s Lacrosse coach Maura Conant showed her excitement and joy to set an athletic standard that Franciscan University will be proud of for years. She talked about how team sports, such as lacrosse, bring student athletes confidence in unique ways.

“Student athletes learn so much about themselves in sports,” Conant said. “They overcome self doubt; especially in women. They end up doing things they never thought were possible”

The teams are practicing currently in preparation for their season that starts in February.

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