Intramural basketball closes a successful season


It’s no secret that intramural basketball is a big hit among students on Franciscan University of Steubenville’s campus. Due to a thriving household life, a huge love of sports, and a strong desire to get out there and have some fun with friends, hundreds of students signed up to participate in intramural basketball this season.

To conclude this successful season, all four intramural leagues held championship games for the title of 2013 Intramural Basketball Champions. For the men’s AA league the team Elder Statesmen won the championship title.

“The Elder Statesmen were a little bit of a surprise in the championship game,” Intramural Coordinator Kelly Herrmann said, “They knocked off the team ‘Sick Like Malaria Carriers’ in the semi-final—a team with talented players like Max Titus, Peter Amrein, Andrew ‘Bummy’ Smith. In the championship game, their unselfish team play proved to be too much for ‘Djibouti National Team’ led by Louis Cain, who was the Men’s AA MVP.”

The undefeated team “Women at Work” won the championship game for the women’s AA league. “‘Women at Work’ capped off an undefeated season led by captain Vicky Kubicz and AA Women’s MVP, Dani Link,” Herrmann said.

Although the more serious players tend to play in the AA leagues, this year’s A league proved to have a lot of talent and dedication among its players.

In the women’s A competition, “Old Skool Beauties” – led by captain Coco Reyes – won the championship by a close game of only a 2 point lead. “‘Old Skool Beauties’ had a lot of talent on their team,” Herrmann said, “They definitely had a lot of women that could play AA.”

Although many didn’t see it coming, the championship title for men’s A went to “Back That Pass Up” — a talented team made up of Franciscan men ranging from freshmen to seniors.

“That team was a bit of a surprise. Their strength in size proved to be a little too much for the opponent to handle,” Herrmann said, “Justin Luther did a great job—in the championship game they were against a team that was more athletic, but they came together and had size and strength and did a great job.”

In addition to all the exciting games played and skill shown by Franciscan students, this season holds a significant place in Franciscan Intramural history as the first year where each team’s best players were invited to come together and play.

“This year was the inaugural year of All-Star Tuesday, where the best players on campus were invited to show off their skills,” Herrmann said. “The Intramural Department wants to make All-Star Tuesday an annual event and have All-Star competitions for all the major intramural sports in the future.”

And so another Franciscan intramural sport season has finished with great memories and outstanding talent shown. Congratulations to all the championship winning teams, and if you missed out on intramural basketball this year—be sure to get out there and play next year.

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