Intramural Basketball AA Championships draw great turnout, competition


Photo by Kathleen Loesel
Photo by Kathleen Loesel

On Sunday, the men’s and women’s intramural AA basketball championships drew a crowd of about 150 people as the season came to a close.

For the ladies, the Wrecking Balls defeated the Volleyballers 35-27. The Wrecking Balls were down by 3 points at halftime, but managed to turn the game around for the win.

Senior Sarah Marrow was excited to be a part of the Wrecking Balls’ victory after playing with teammates Anna Laudiero and Ann Duran for three seasons. Marrow was enthusiastic that many of the girls have had the chance to play again since their high school careers.

“The season was rough in the beginning,” said Marrow, “but it was really exciting. It was neat to see … the seniors got to have our last run of basketball.”

Marrow, Duran and Hannah Flanagan, the team’s seniors, were excited to end the season with a win.

The Women’s AA Basketball Most Valuable Player award was given to Maggie Craig who had 56 points on the season.

For the men, The Mon-Stars defeated the Elder Statesmen 52-29. Although the final score indicated a blowout, the men of the Elder Statesmen only had one substitute player and managed to keep the score to a difference of only two at halftime.

“The boys played their butts off,” said Paul Jarzynca, coach, manager and mascot of the Mon-Stars. “I haven’t seen that beautiful of a performance in a long time.”

The Men’s AA Basketball MVP was Joseph Murray, who scored 151 points on the season.

“What I enjoyed most was the brotherhood, just playing with the guys,” Murray said.

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