Households receive awards, recognition at last Household Life Mass


If the tree branches, PVC pipes, wooden poles and other assorted objects — used to hold up the banners at the April 28 Household Life Mass — were not enough to show that household life takes perseverance, resourcefulness, humor and deep commitment, the homily certainly did.

The Rev. Rick Martignetti, T.O.R., emphasized the beauty of households in his homily in the Finnegan Fieldhouse. He pointed out how households nurture students and equip them for the future, like a greenhouse where a plant is kept, “until it’s strong enough to be planted elsewhere.”

He explained that, “being a part of a household here is only a part of the beginning” for, as a plant matures, it is prepared to live outside a greenhouse. Likewise, in a household, students learn invaluable lessons to keep with them even after they leave Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Referencing his upcoming transfer to Boston, Martignetti’s homily concluded on a hopeful note, saying that he looks forward to seeing, “each of us at our best in heaven, when we are all going to be part of one household, ‘KJC,’ Kingdom of Jesus Christ.”

Following Mass was the awards ceremony, which recognized the coordinators, the household advisers and households that persevered, modeled continuous conversion and were outstanding Christian witnesses. The awards given were the Saint Clare, Saint Francis and Steel Cross Awards.

The Daughters of Divine Mercy and In His Image households were given the St. Clare Award in recognition of their continued perseverance in the face of challenges, and the achievements they had made in spite of difficulties.

The St. Francis Award was awarded to “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” and Handmaids of the Lord, for their continuous conversion and penance in imitation of St. Francis.

The Steel Cross Awards went to Beloved First Truth and Fishers of Men for third place; “Stella Mariae” and Conquer Through Love for second place; and to Daughters of Jerusalem and the Brotherhood of Saint Francis for first place.

“It’s our first time winning,” said Amanda Rivera, co-coordinator of Daughters of Jerusalem. “So it feels very surreal and you can definitely tell that God was present helping us grow this semester.”

Greg Bentz, coordinator of the Brotherhood of Saint Francis related the story of his plans for household and how they played out.

“I said we were going to do three things this year,” he said. “Double in size, get at least three intents in the fall and win the Steel Cross in the spring — and we did all three. I didn’t know it’d actually come true.”

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