Freshmen senators elected to student government



Freshmen Clare McCallan, Isaac Foldi, and Thomas Gaudet were elected last weekend to serve as the new freshmen senators in Franciscan University’s Student Government. They were sworn into office at the formal Student Government meeting on Sept. 25.

There were six freshmen senator-candidates total: Angel Rodriguez, McCallan, David Farrell, Foldi, Makenzie White, and Gaudet. An election for senators takes place each fall, and students can only vote for candidates representing their class. The president and vice president are also selected by yearly campus elections; however, the rest of the Student Government positions are selected by the president, vice president and by majority consent from the other members of Student Government.

The election process began with a justice and another Student Government member supervising the election booth. After the voting time elapsed, the Student Government representatives counted the votes to discover which three of the six candidates received the most votes.

President Joe Danaher explained that Student Government has “a three-fold mission: to represent the student body to the administration and the public, to discuss with administration any changes they want to see on campus, and to represent and finance the clubs on campus.”

Danaher said there are about forty clubs on campus and that financing and representing these clubs is the Student Government’s main activity. In this way, Student Government elections affect the entire student body.

The newly-elected freshmen senators will begin representing the students right away as they begin attending the weekly informal meetings every Monday and formal meetings every Wednesday.

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