Franciscan celebrates the Resurrection with food, music and dancing


resurrection party 1It was like Black Friday, Franciscan University style, as the great mob of people coming from the Easter Vigil packed into the J.C. Williams Center for the Resurrection Party at midnight on Easter Sunday.

Hundreds of people descended on the JC after the Vigil to enjoy free food, live music by students and alumni, dancing, and fellowship. At the beginning of the night, the building was so packed that navigating the crowd was nearly impossible.

“I thought it was a great way to truly celebrate the joy of the Resurrection,” said Chrissy Casazza, a sophomore.

Students, families, faculty, alumni, friends, and religious all came together, putting aside the norms associated with their titles, and celebrated the Resurrection as one gigantic Body of Christ.

“The Resurrection Party has always been run by households; we have different households sign up for shifts that handle everything from decorating to clean-up,” said Regina Planchet, a member of Household Council.

The Household Council was split up into pairs, with each pair handling a different aspect of the party, such as taking care of the food, organization, etc.

resurrection party 2The J.C. was transformed. Lights hung over the Atrium, fabric garlands draped over the railings and the stairs, there were colorful flowers everywhere. A large cross stood as a focal point directly across from the main entrance to the building.

At one point during the night, volunteers lined the railing over the Atrium and dropped balloons on the dancing crowd.

The Resurrection Party last until 4 am, with nearly 100 students still there to close out the night. Many were even overheard saying that Franciscan really knows how to throw a party.

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