Franciscan alumna performs for enthusiastic crowd

excite concert 005



excite concert 005Franciscan University alumna Alanna-Marie Boudreau returned Sept. 28 for a free concert held in the Gentile Gallery.

The event, hosted by Residence Life and Exc!te, attracted a large and enthusiastic crowd.

Many of the attendees had heard of Boudreau previously and were already fans of hers. “I’m literally obsessed with her,” freshman Hanna Cardinal shared. “She’s my biggest girl crush!”

The opening act was a three-song show performed by a student duo, RoCa. James Roman and Nico Cabrera of RoCa collaborate to make music that helps other people.

RoCa energized the crowd with their easygoing music and prepared them for Boudreau’s performance. She started off her concert by thanking the crowd for coming and singing a bubbly and upbeat song titled “Be Glad” that is featured on her EP. “Life is too short to be sad,” sang Boudreau.

Boudreau played a variety of songs, almost all of them her original work that ranged from love songs to faith-filled songs about her relationship with God. She was able to keep the audience attentive and energized by mixing fun, light-hearted songs with deeper, meaningful ones.

She continued the show with two love songs, “Mr. Wonderful” and “Hands in the Land.” She stated that “Hands in the Land,” which is also the name of her EP, is sometimes misinterpreted as a song about mission work. Rather the song is about a desire to be intentional in her words and action, she said.

Many of her songs, such as the one that she wrote for her father, were about deep personal experiences. Still others were just silly love songs like “Boy on the Bicycle,” which she wrote to make her sister laugh.

The concert ended with a huge standing ovation, evidence that many Franciscan students thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

One student, Jessica Mundwiller, stated that Boudreau’s songs were applicable in her own life. “I actually cried during two of her songs – the one about her father and the one written for her future spouse [You and Always],” she said. “I just thought while she was singing, ‘I’ve been there. That’s my life.'”

While a student studying theology at Franciscan University, Boudreau was a member of Totus Tuus Maria household. One of her household sisters Hannah Truetker said, “Her music is such a gift. She is such a heartfelt person.”

Other students that knew Boudreau agreed. Senior Mary-Teresa Lee said, “Alanna is such a brilliant performer and a genuinely good person. Her goodness really comes through in the music that she shares.”

Boudreau’s music is available for sale on iTunes and she also has a YouTube channel under the name Alanna B.

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