Fall Break 2012

By Melissa Solano

The late fall break was something that all Franciscan students of campus were looking forward to for some time and they were not letting the weather concerns stop them from enjoying it.

“I’m really excited to have the extra two days to relax,” said Kelly Limmina, who went back home to Delaware to see her family on Thursday night.

Despite the recent weather warnings and the hurricane hitting many eastern states close to Ohio -many of the states students planned to travel to- a majority of students planned to take the opportunity to head home for the short period of time to visit family, friends and get off campus for the four days.

Some students, like Rebecca Gagnon, Clare Murphy, Bryan Wells, Laura Pena and Carlos Leyva, III took the opportunity to pile in a car and road-trip to Indiana for the weekend. Others, including freshman Kaitlyn Bolesta, chose to utilize the Greyhound bus system or other types of public transportation as their method to get home rather than drive.

“I just hope that the weather doesn’t get too much in the way,” said Bolesta. The Megabus system was stopping or delaying many rides due to weather conditions. Other students, such as Tess Austin and Sabina Abadessa used the four-day weekend to attend retreats with the religious sisters.

“It’s my weekend for a little ‘me time,’ to relax and to pray,” said Austin, who went on retreat Thursday night with the Carmelite Sisters.

Other students, such as Sarah Rose Sperduto, decided to try and brave the elements and go on a camping trip with friends for a night. Although the campus was empty after the rush of most students leaving on Wednesday night, a small number of students decided to stay on campus over break. They planned to take it easy and enjoy the days of no classes to attend, and no alarms to set in the mornings.

Many of the students who stayed on campus took advantage of the rather empty halls to do laundry and relax. Many students said they watched movies, played ping pong and tried to keep warm. Most students returned Sunday night with stragglers coming back in Monday morning.

Many students said they hoped there were no weather/hurricane related problems that would prevent them from returning back to campus on time for their Monday classes.

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