Cory Maloney brings new talent to Franciscan University

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dr. cory maloney 011 1“I have the perfect job” is a statement that comes out of very few people’s mouths. However, one man who enthusiastically says this is Cory Maloney, Franciscan University of Steubenville’s newest associate professor of business and director of online programming.

Maloney, a 34-year-old lifetime resident of Pittsburgh, brings an impressive resume to the table. After graduating from Robert Morris University with a degree in Information Systems and Communications, he eventually went on to become chair of the IT department and a faculty member at Carlow University.

Maloney did not always imagine that he would be a teacher. “I thought I would just work in business,” he said. Then while working in the IT department at Carlow, he was asked to start teaching. “The door opened and I just fell in love with it.”

After working at Carlow for seven years, Maloney learned that a programming job at Franciscan had opened up.

“I was really excited because I love Franciscan … the charism and the mission of it,” Maloney remembered. “But I was really hesitant to take the position because it was actually listed as a staff position. Then they agreed to make it a faculty position for me and so I was able to have the best of both worlds. I love teaching so much that I wouldn’t ever want to do anything else.”

Maloney brings an incredible amount of cheerfulness and enthusiasm for both faith and technology into the classroom.

“I just love the ability to teach the next generation of people to go out there and change the world,” said Maloney. “I think that anybody in IT or business has to have a good Catholic foundation because they have so much knowledge and skills and power. If they don’t use technology for the good, then they’re failing the student and failing society.”

Maloney is a busy man. In addition to teaching, he is working with other staff members at Franciscan to develop new online Catechetics courses. Maloney said that he is excited about this opportunity “to spread Franciscan University all over the country, all over the world.”

Apart from his job at Franciscan, Maloney owns St. Jude Computers, a computer programming company in the Pittsburgh area. His company serves schools, convents, law firms and non-profit businesses.

“It’s always been my goal to use technology to help non-profits serve people more,” said Maloney. “I want to empower people and businesses, especially non-profits. That’s where my heart is.”

With his busy schedule, Maloney is looking forward to spending time with his family over fall break. Although he and his wife and five children reside in Pittsburgh, they hope to move closer to Steubenville in the near future. At his home, Maloney enjoys carpentry, gardening and cooking.

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  1. Cory, I am so happy for you. When I worked at the Sisters of Mercy Motherhouse, you were so faithful at taking care of my computers. You are a great person, so filled with the love of God and all people. I know you will continue to be a tremendous success at Franciscan University. Take care of yourself and your wonderful family. Peace2U!!! Sister Mary Agnes CSJ

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