Circus Club brings the fun on campus

Photo by Melissa Longua
Photo by Melissa Longua


The Circus Club at Franciscan University of Steubenville is unique among the other student organizations on campus.

The club, which began last year late in the fall semester, has been active and provide a varied amount of activities and learning experiences for seasoned members and newcomers alike.

“We teach people how to juggle, improving the hand eye coordination – all of that,” said Anthony Lopez, the club’s current secretary.  He also credits Franciscan student Ryan Burke for beginning the club last year.

There are currently 10 to 20 active members in the club. They are looking to expand their activities into other areas as the semester goes on.

Lopez said that the club was hoping to purchase a unicycle earlier this semester, but was unable to do so. He said they want to accomplish this before the end of the spring semester.

In addition to the activities the club already does within their meetings, they also plan to hold events for the entirety of the student body. They hope that this will peak the interest of the student body, also providing the opportunity to showcase their talent and the talents of other students.

“We want to eventually have a circus-themed coffeehouse in the J.C.,” Lopez said. “People could sign up and do random acts and then we as a club could perform one main act too.”

The circus club meets every Tuesday in the International Room of the J.C. Williams Center from 8-9:30 p.m.

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