Bittersweet changes coming for Marian Hall households


The construction set to bring much needed renovations to Marian Hall has cost several residents extra hours of sleep, quiet, and even the convenience of getting around the dorm. The households hosted here are also being impacted just as much, if not more, than the women residing in the building.

A few days before spring break, Agape Household’s common room was moved from the first floor of Marian to the second floor. The area where the common room had originally been-next to the Marian/Trinity Hall courtyard-has been converted into an emergency exit.

Moving out of the common room was “a little upsetting”, according to junior Diana Armstrong, co-coordinator of Agape. “But we dealt with it. It was more an inconvenience than anything else.”

Jeanine Snyder, co-coordinator and also a junior, said that it was difficult to leave their old space because of the sentimental value attached to their common room. Agape’s common room was encircled by a border of hearts, each with the name and induction date of every past and present sister in the Household. When the construction continues over the summer, the details will be lost.

“It doesn’t really feel like our common room,” said Snyder about the new space. “Even though all of our things are there, it’s, like … temporary.”

All households in Marian will have brand new common rooms in different locations within the dorm next semester, said Amy Razayeski, Resident Director. Along with being a few inches bigger, there will be a full wall of windows facing the hallway of the common room, similar to the common rooms in St. Louis and St. Elizabeth Halls.

Rev. Gregory Plow, T.O.R., coordinator of Household Life, and the Household Council will be covering the costs for paint for the new common rooms.

Razayeski said no complaints have been made to her directly regarding the impact of the construction on households. The reaction was more of disappointment, she said, from households facing situations similar to that of Agape’s.

For example, Roses of the Immaculate Heart officially painted their common room in the fall semester of this year, which included a detailed mural on one wall of the common room. The work will be lost as renovations continue and they are moved into a new room in the fall.

Caitlyn Askew, coordinator of Handmaids of the Lord, said the general feeling amongst her household is bittersweet. “It’ll be a fresh start for next year,” she said. “We’re excited to repaint, but we’re also a little bummed that we’re leaving a little bit of history.” She added that these renovations will bring “new life” to both Marian Hall residents and its households.

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