Battle of the Chefs Comes to Steubenville


bob rice in the caf2On Tuesday, April 3, students were treated to a culinary competition in Franciscan University’s Antonian Hall.

Sodexo staff from two surrounding schools came to Franciscan for the movie-themed contest. West Liberty University, Alderson-Broaddus College and Franciscan competed.

West Liberty took National Lampoon’s “Animal House”, the 1978 film featuring a fraternity, as their inspiration for a Greek menu. They featured gyros, tortellini salad and baklava.

Alderson chose the popular movie franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” with a Caribbean cuisine to titillate the taste buds of students. They presented a menu full of sweet and spicy combinations: apricot glazed chicken, a pineapple salsa with jerk seasoned potatoes, and for dessert, bananas foster.

Franciscan’s own theme was the Disney classic “Lady and the Tramp.” Reminiscent of the famous romantic scene between the title characters, they served spaghetti and “awesome meatballs”, as described by Matt Stewart, a sophomore.

The spaghetti and meatballs were accompanied by an anti pasta salad, pepperoni rolls, and a chocolate fountain with biscotti shaped as dog biscuits. To complete the scene from the film, university professor and musician Bob Rice treated everyone to his impressive accordion playing.

The University to College competition is actually not unique to this area, as the culinary championships take place across the country. Antonian staff competed at both West Liberty and Alderson-Broaddus in the weeks following Tuesday’s big night.

“We try to keep things fresh,” said Charles Pobee-Mensah, Sodexo’s marketing coordinator.

Many of the students remarked that they wished that the food could be this good every day. As sophomore Joseph Perry said, it “makes me miss home”.

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