Baronettes Dance Team perform showcase, raise funds for Russia mission

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Photo by Liz Bunnell
Photo by Liz Bunnell

More than 80 people gathered to support the young women of Franciscan University’s Baronettes Dance Team as they performed their annual showcase on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. in the Finnegan Fieldhouse.

The Baronettes performed many diverse dance styles including hip-hop, ballet and contemporary. They danced to current hit songs such as “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeren, and to modern classics like “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.

The Baronettes who took part in the event were Julie Fleming, Sarah Rose Sperduto, Kristina Danovich, Jean-Marie Bralley, Maddie Chawner, Brigid Rhea, Mary Clare McLaughlin and Augusta McMonigal.

Christina Praetzel also performed in the showcase to present her baton twirling solo to a song from the recent movie “Alice in Wonderland.”

The other guest performers of the evening were The Annunciations. They sang classics like “Shaboom” and modern musical hits such as “Royals” by Lorde.

“I’m speechless,” said Julie Fleming, senior and captain of the Baronettes, at the end of the showcase. “It has been such an honor dancing with these ladies. Being able to dance with them and their beautiful hearts has been such a blessing. I wouldn’t want to leave in any other way.”

Baronettes’ co-captain, Sarah Sperduto said, “It was really beautiful. We had been through so much together this year. It was great to be able to dance together one more time.”

Those in the audience were just as happy with the performances of the young women.

“I came for my best friend, Sarah,” said Christine Aubert. “It was awesome … I thought it was really good.”

The money made from the Baronettes Showcase will be donated to the Russian Mission.

The mission will be focused in Magan, Russia, said Katalyn Miller, a junior at Franciscan University and one of three Franciscan students going to Russia for two months this summer. Magan is located on the eastern part of Russia, away from the current chaos, said Miller.

The students will be working near an old Stalin Gulag from the Cold War era, continued Miller, and they will be assisting those who suffer from the after-effects of oppression. They will be holding vacation Bible school and nature walks for the youth, scripture classes in English and multiple retreats for many different age groups, she added.

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