Annual club fair encourages student involvement



This year’s Franciscan University Student Club Fair brought opportunities for students to get active in recreational, evangelical and, for the first time, academic clubs.


Presidents and vice-presidents from 24 of the many student-run clubs set up booths in the J.C. Williams Center on Sept. 13 to welcome new students and introduce them to the expanding diversity of club activities on campus. The annual Student Club Fair typically hosts only a few of the student-life communities, but this year’s fair hosted a greater variety and number of clubs than ever before.

“It’s definitely the biggest participation of the student clubs,” said Ronald J. McNamara, coordinator of Student Leadership Development and the overseer of the Student Club Fair for the past three years. “The event is mainly for student-life clubs, but we have welcomed some academic clubs, and there are actually three or four that came today.” Among the academic clubs present at the fair was the St. John Bosco Society, the academic club for the Catechetics department.

Several recreational student-life clubs also made an appearance at the fair. The Circus club grabbed the attention of many students and faculty passer-bys with juggling and Chinese yoyo tricks. The club is open to all students who desire to learn the circus act and is accepting new members to perform in their end-of-the-year performance.

Just like the Circus club, nearly all of the recreational student-life clubs are currently open to both new members and anyone interested in stopping by to participate in their activities and events. “I kinda like that it’s just chill,” said Laura Mentyka, president of the FUS Anime club, regarding the Anime club. “You can just be around fun people and watch anime.” Other clubs open to all students include the Board Game Association, the Pun Intended comedy club, the Field Hockey club and the FUS Movie club.

A returning favorite, Latinos for Christ, brought Spanish music, chips and salsa to the event, “livening up the atmosphere” as some students put it. The group focuses on Latino culture and is open to students of all ethnic backgrounds.

Many other long-standing clubs made a return, including the largest student-run club on campus, Students for Life – a pro-life club that’s been active on campus and abroad for the past 10 years.

However, some of the 39 recognized student-life clubs were unable to attend this year’s Student Club Fair. “I thought it was good to have exposure to all the activities,” said John-Paul Lisella, a freshman who attended the event. “Except I wanted to go to the Eagle Scout club and they weren’t there.” The FUS Eagle Scouts is a club for scouts who desire to continue working in the community and living out the Eagle Scout Oath.

Students who missed the fair or couldn’t find a desired club may be happy to know that most FUS clubs also have a dedicated facebook page and can be contacted through both the page and an email roster on the Franciscan University website.

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