AMDG hosted dance in Assisi Heights Community Center

AMDG blacklight dance
AMDG blacklight dance
Photo by Kathleen Loesel
Caption: Students dance at AMDG’s annual Ad Majorium Dance Glorium blacklight dance.


On Sept. 6, the Ad Majorem Dei Glorium (AMDG) household raised about $850 during their semi-annual blacklight dance in the Assisi Heights Community Center.

Over the last few years, some drama has surrounded this event.

Last year, when the AMDG household asked permission to host the dance in the Assisi Heights Community Center, Kyle Murphy, the former resident director of Assisi Heights, denied the request.

Sebastian Olsen, the coordinator of the AMDG household, said Murphy denied the request due to alleged actions that were deemed to be inappropriate for an event held at a school that promotes the Catholic values endorsed at Franciscan.

Olsen said that there were some things that could have been done differently, but also dismisses some of the reported rumors.

“I think some events may have taken place that shouldn’t have,” Olsen said. “But I also think there were some things that were misreported.”

Since those events took place, a new resident coordinator had been hired for the Assisi Heights. Emily Liuzza, the current coordinator, was instrumental in the dance being allowed to go on as planned.

“Emily was really cool about letting us hold it in the center,” Olsen said. “It makes a difference because last year the dance was held in the J.C. Williams Center which is not conducive to what we were going for. The Assisi Heights center is much more intimate and comfortable to have a gathering.”

It seems the student body agrees with Olsen on that account. Some attendees said that the event was well worth the $3 admission costs.

With an estimated 400 attendees over the course of the night, the dance was well-attended. According to Olsen, the AMDG household made close to $850 to be used for retreats and supplies for the household.

“We may try to have another event like this next semester,” Olsen said. “Everyone had a blast and it all seemed to run smoothly. We just want to thank everyone for coming out. It’s a really energetic and unique event that we really enjoy putting on.”

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