Women’s ministry fashion show highlights positive self-image, flattering styles

Photo by Kathleen Loesel
Photo by Kathleen Loesel

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“Our bodies are beautiful and were made good,” said Carrie Skrzat, the student head of FUS Women’s Ministry, before beginning the Spring Fashion Show held Monday at 8:30 p.m. in the Gentile Gallery.

The night was comprised of sharing the fruits of FUS Women’s Ministry research through examples of how to best flatter every figure, examples of outfits to wear for different occasions and how to make outfits fun with splashes of color and accessories. 

“We want you to learn to love your body,” Sister Elizabeth Beussink, T.O.R. said.

Throughout the night, the Women’s Ministry team showed videos from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of TLC’s What Not to Wear, illustrating their tips and tricks to best flatter one’s body type while staying modest.

Styles worn by the models included business, sporty, casual, classic and date night.

The ministry handed out booklets with information regarding what colors complement different skin tones, hairstyles that correspond to face shape, make-up guidelines and how to accessorize.

Beussink and Skrzat talked about how to pair accessories and color with an outfit.

“With a little black dress you can be as fun as you want,” Skrzat said in regard to adding pops of color and accessories that exemplify personality.

Skrzat also shared information about how to wake up tired eyes and how to find the perfect pair of jeans.

Franciscan University sophomore Laura Boner said about the fashion show, “I don’t agree with the view of modesty it projects … people should wear what makes them feel beautiful.”

Katelyn Chester, a freshman at Franciscan, said before the show, “I am very, very excited to learn more about fashion.”

The night ended with Beussink affirming women by stating that their confidence should not come from how they look.

“Allow the outside to reflect the inside,” she said.

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