Totus Tuus Maria household coffeehouse draws in crowd


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Photo by Melissa Longua

The JC Williams Center Atrium was a campus hotspot the night of Feb. 8 with students attending the Coffehouse Immaculata. Hosted by women’s household Totus Tuus Maria, the coffee house centered on the Blessed Mother Mary and gave glory to the Lord through music.

TTM had 17 acts lined up for the night, including a video with testimonials from students about when they encountered the Blessed Mother, Marian Households singing their house hold songs, and several duets.

19 members of the Knights of the Holy Queen performed two of their household songs with their arms wrapped around each other in dedication to their brotherhood. Knight’s of the Holy Queen hosted the event in the past, but allowed Totus Tuus Maria to take over the event this year after not hosting it last year, said Meg Miller, TTM coordinator.

Men’s household Fishers of Men, who performed Salve Regina, surprised the audience when they started their performance on a gentle note, then paused to bring out an African Drum. The song turned into a chant with audience members clapping along with the drum.

Women’s households including Handmaids of the Lord, Madonna of the Streets, Regina Angelorum, Beloved First Truth and Rosa Mystica each performed their respective household songs with between 13 and 20 members performing at once. Some members stood with their eyes closed and hands folded, others moved their eyes toward the heavens, and others looked out into the audience. In the end, everyone was there to give glory to the Lord.

Katy Scuderi performed an original song that she wrote when she began deepening her relationship with the Blessed Mother.

“I didn’t want to play this song,” said Scuderi.”But I felt that Mary wanted me to.”

Scuderi also performed “You’re Here” with Monica Mosman. According to Mosman, it’s a song “from Mary once (Jesus) was just born.” Scuderi played the acoustic guitar while Mosman sang.

Ryan Harner sang his own rendition of Salve Regina, as well as an original song that was inspired by Christopher West’s talk at Franciscan during his first semester.

The band RoCa kicked off the night with original songs dedicated to the Blessed Mother using a guitar, keyboard and xylophone.

Throughout the night, each performer introduced Mary in a different light, from Mary as Mother of Jesus, Mary as their mother, Mary at the Cross or Mary as Queen of Heaven.

“Fall in love with Mary,” Scuderi encouraged the audience before performing, “because she is amazing; she is wonderful; she is beautiful.”

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