Too cold in the Heights? Students, RD respond to low temps in apartments

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Residents of the Assisi Heights at Franciscan University of Steubenville have recently been complaining about heating issues.

“Downstairs (in the height) is almost always not warm – and by not warm, I mean cold. Layers and blankets are almost always necessary,” said Heights resident, Rachel Ostrander.

Students have complained that while the upstairs bedroom areas warm up, the downstairs remains frigid.

The reason behind the cold is that unlike in residence dorms like Kolbe/Clare or Louis/Liz, residents of the Heights are unable to control their own thermostats. Instead, the heater kicks on when the Heights reach a certain temperature – though this magic temperature is much too low, according to residents.

“We have no control over it,” said Ostrander. “The heater just decides to kick on at regular intervals and isn’t strong downstairs. It’s bigger, so it has two heaters but they’re weak.”

Despite complaints of the heating among students, the issue has not been continuously voiced up to the Assisi Heights Resident Director Kyle Murphy. Murphy, who has been the residence director for the last two years, said that he hasn’t heard much about the issue.

“It’s been awhile,” said Murphy. “I get maybe one, two complaints a semester, if that. It’s very rare.”

He also said that he has no control over the issue, but that it is placed in a locked maintenance closet to prevent students from accidentally breaking the thermostat.

“But if students are having issues with their heights being overly cold or not working at all, they can e-mail me at any time and I’ll fill out a work order for them,” added Murphy.

Despite not being able to control the heat in their apartments, students have certainly found creative ways to try to manipulate the heaters and get around having to wear layers in their own homes. Some have tried utilizing their kitchen oven to heat up the downstairs – the only downfall being that this causes the heater not to turn on at all.

Students have also tried placing frozen vegetable bags on top of the heater in hopes of tricking the heater to turn on, though students have said this has become less common, since it only works for a limited time.

There have been rumors circulating in the Heights, however, that such action could garner a small fine if students are caught.

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