Summer time in the city


Students all know what it’s like to live, work, study and pray here at Franciscan University of Steubenville during the school year, but school has a different feel over the summer.

“Campus is still surprisingly active. Despite having relatively few students on or around campus during various times in the summer, during normal class times the JC had plenty of activity,” said Chris Buehnerkemper, a senior who stayed during the summer to take a class and work. “Although campus life definitely died down in the afternoon when the JC closed,”

Buehnerkemper worked logistics for the summer conferences, and his duties included welcoming participants, doing transportation, working sessions in Finnegan Fieldhouse and providing extra security during the youth conferences.

“I hadn’t originally intended to work for the conferences but I’m glad that I did,” Buehnerkemper said. “It was a great experience to meet students I would normally never have met and to see all the people who come from all over for these conferences. The hours can get pretty crazy.”

For him, the crazy hours and the “not-so-great pay” were nothing compared to the experience he got from the summer.

“Even if you just work a small bit, you can make a difference in just one person’s life through a simple smile, a kind word, help in a crisis, or gentle correction,” Beuhnerkemper said.

Senior Sarah Havens had a different view of campus over the summer.

“Campus was more chill,” said Havens. “There were fewer students here over the summer, so it granted an opportunity to form deeper bonds. Most of us were on our own for the first time, so a lot of us were learning how to care for ourselves for the first time and that experience allowed us to grow closer.”

Havens worked her regular campus job on the custodial staff.

“Working was vastly different during the summer,” she said. “The hours were longer, and the labor more intensive. The wonderful perk to working full-time summer – besides the money – was that work stayed at work; I didn’t have to worry about homework as soon as I got home. However, work was more labor intensive, which meant that I had to learn how to take care of myself.”

Senior Michelle Scenna took classes and worked at conferences over the summer.  She said there were a lot less people in the summer classes.

“In my psych class I was one of 2 people,” said Scenna. “That was probably my favorite because there was more of a relationship with the class.”

About the summer weather in Steubenville, Buehnerkemper described the weather as “wet-like-a-sponge humidity”.  Scenna added: “It was hot and sometimes there were nasty storms.”

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