Students participate in first annual Rugby ball

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Picture by Kathleen Loesel
Picture by Kathleen Loesel

Finely dressed students and live music filled the gym for the First Annual St. George Rugby Ball that took place in Franciscan’s Finnegan Fieldhouse on April 4 at 8 p.m.

The dance was named after the patron saint of the rugby team, said Tim Wood, rugby match secretary of Franciscan University’s Rugby team.

“We wanted to do a formal for a couple of reasons,” continued Wood. “One, we wanted to give the university community something different … we didn’t want to do just another J.C. dance … and we really wanted to include the entire university.”

“The second thing is that formal is a very classy event … we are putting our best foot forward for this dance so that we can be a part of the university more.”

The Rugby team is planning on making the dance a tradition every year, but next time having it a little earlier in the semester so as not to conflict with Franciscan’s Spring Formal.

“The brotherhood on the team is awesome,” said Wood, “also … it builds character. What rugby teaches is perseverance. You get hit and it hurts. It hurts bad. But even with that you get up and you keep playing, because you know the other guys are relying on you to keep going. It has a very good analogy to Christian brotherhood.”

The dance was to raise money for the Rugby team to fund their off-season tournaments this spring semester.

“I’ve been friends with a lot of the rugby players and I came to support them,” said Jose Icaza. “I mean, that’s what friends are for, right?”

“The person that won the raffle donated it back to the team,” said Nick Zimmerer, of Franciscan’s Rugby team, “so we have enough money to go to Christendom next weekend for the Blessed Pier Giorgio Shield Match. It is our first opportunity to do it.”

Zimmerer continued by saying that the day before, the team prayed a nine-hour novena to the Infant of Prague for the success of the event and for one of their players who was suspected of having a concussion. Zimmerer said that his teammate was cleared that day and everything for the dance came together. He called it “a simple miracle.”

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