Student government passes five new bills


Student Government passed five bills concerning student clubs and bylaw revisions in their weekly Wednesday meeting on March 19.

Spring Bill 34 was a request from the Franciscan University Rugby Football Club for the allocation of $600 for their formal dance fundraiser: the Saint George Rugby Ball taking place April 4. The event was approved by Student Life and will be hosted in the Finnegan Fieldhouse.

The club is a recognized entity of the university and they have already raised $1,800 of the funds that they need for this event. The one problem that was raised is that the Fieldhouse double-booked the Rugby Football Club and the Baronettes Dance Showcase event for the same evening. The Baronettes were made to reschedule.

Student Government passed spring Bill 34 unanimously.

Spring Bill 35 was a request from Students for Life to re-allocate $366.58 to bring a speaker to campus for a Students for Life event. The re-allocated money is left over from funds originally given to them for the Students for Life Conference that occurred in January.

The bill passed in the Senate unanimously.

Spring Bill 36 re-allocated $71.60 to the Young American’s for Freedom Club to pay for parking and tolls at the Conservative Action Conference that was on March 6-8.

Freshman Senator Issac Foldi paid the $12.60 toll and $56.00 parking fee, so the money will be reimbursed to him from the money he unexpectedly provided out of pocket. Foldi abstained from voting and the bill passed.

Spring Bills 37 and 38 concerned amendments to Student Government’s Bylaws. The Bylaws that were edited by Graduate Senator Mark Erste revised items located in Article 3 Section B and Article 4 Sections B and C. The items clarified procedures relating to presidential vetoes, budgetary procedures and requirements for representatives of presented bills.

Both bills were passed with little discussion.

Foldi commended Erste on his hard work.

“Every time he submits a bill like this,” Foldi said, “Thomas Jefferson smiles down upon him.”

It was pointed out by Justice Colleen Leahy at the end of the meeting that the newly revised budgetary clauses in the Bylaws stating that all campus clubs must have tentative officers decided for the fall semester before the budget meetings limited Student Government’s ability to have a say in the budget before fall elections.

President Joe Danaher suggested that Erste may want to create another revised addition of the Bylaws to present the following week to fix the potential problem.

Student Government’s budget meetings will take place on March 31 and April 2.

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