Student Government passes bills, recognizes new club



The Franciscan University Student Government voted on and passed all four bills presented to them on Oct. 2. The bills involved the creation of a new club, funds for several events and the swearing-in of a new justice.

Fall Bill 26 was a request from the Franciscan volleyball team for an additional $1,000 for t-shirts that will be distributed for free to students on Homecoming Weekend at the Dig Pink volleyball game.

Student government previously gave the team $1,500 in funds to order the t-shirts and help with other costs, but the athletic department, represented by Head Coach Kelly Herrmann, returned asking for more funding. The finance committee felt that the $1,500 previously donated was more than enough to cover the event.

Herrmann rebutted that opinion by saying that the Dig Pink volleyball game is the only campus event specifically aimed at helping women physically, especially women with breast cancer. Senate passed the bill, and the team was able to order the 300 t-shirts for the event.

Later in the meeting, Bill 27 was brought to the table. This was a request from the campus-wide group Latinos for Christ for $1,715 to be allocated for the Hispanic Heritage Week taking place Oct. 7-11.

According to Latinos for Christ, the money would be divided as follows: $500 for catered food during Fiesta de Independencia; $125 for the piƱata and other decorations; $90 for t-shirts and snacks; and $1,000 to pay for the copyright for an Our Lady of Guadalupe movie that was to be shown Oct. 9.

With the hopes that Our Lady would not feel “short-changed,” student government voted to cut the budget down to $715 by removing the $1,000 for the copyright. The bill was passed unanimously.

“The week-long event will most certainly still be going on,” said Ben Valle, the representative present from Latinos for Christ. “There will be events every day and instead of showing the movie as planned, we will host a game-night.”

Another notable bill that was presented was the recognition of a new club on campus, Amici Italiani. The president of the club was there to witness the passing of Bill 25, which officially welcomed his group to the list of Franciscan’s clubs.

Fall Bill 28 presented a new sophomore Justice Gabriel Dell’Aira for the 2013-2014 academic year. The motion was passed, and Dell’Aira was sworn in at the end of the meeting.

“I am very happy to be in this club on campus,” Dell’Aira said. “It’s a really great service and I am honored to be a part of it.”

The meeting concluded with an adviser’s statement from David Schmiesing, the director of student life and student government adviser.

Schmiesing spoke on why it is an honor to be part of student government and how student government benefits students. He said that student government offers Parliamentary experience for representatives who want to go into politics upon graduating and teaches representatives how to negotiate and work civilly with others.

Schmiesing reminded all members of Student Government that while working on campus during Homecoming Weekend, they will be the face of Franciscan University for visitors. He told them how important their role is in the University. Schmiesing concluded by thanking them for their service and saying that he was looking forward to the rest of the year.

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