Student Government gains new members, passes four bills



Four new members were sworn into Franciscan University Student Government on Sept. 25. Isaac Foldi, Clare McCallen and Thomas Gaudet are the new senators representing the freshman class, and Carley Helfers is the new freshman justice. President of Student Life David Schmiesing was present at the meeting.

Foldi, McCallen and Gaudet were elected by the Franciscan freshman class on Sept. 20, and Helfers was selected to be a justice by Student Body president Joe Danaher.

“I am so excited to join,” said McCallen. “It’s something I’ve wanted since I visited. It’s an incredible blessing to be serving the student body.”

Gaudet showed similar excitement. “Being a new member is overwhelming,” he said, “but being able to serve campus and Christ through this ministry and be a leader of this school is a great opportunity.”

Following the meeting the upperclassmen representatives offered a few words of wisdom for the newly sworn-in senators and justice, reminding them of the voice they have in student government and encouraging them to let it be heard.

One of the other highlights of Wednesday’s student government meeting was the debate of Fall Bill 20, which dealt with giving money for the Audrey Assad concert at Fort Steuben on Sept. 29. Students for a Fair Society, in conjunction with the Harmonium Project, requested $2,000 from student government to cover the artist fee.

Student government was adamant that the money should be used for the concert only. Many amendments to the bill were presented to define the terms of money usage, three of which amendments were passed.

They determined that the date of the concert needed to be stated in the bill, the check covering the concert needed to be made out specifically to Audrey Assad’s management from student government, and all unused money was to be returned.

After these amendments were agreed upon, Fall Bill 20 passed unanimously.

“We are extremely grateful for the generous donation from the Student Government,” said Marc Barnes, one of the Harmonium Project’s representatives at the meeting. “We believe their generosity will serve the common good of both the Franciscan student body and the city of Steubenville.”

Three other bills were passed and two were tabled during the meeting.

Fall Bill 19 was a $415 request from Students for Freedom and Justice to help gain awareness for their new club by creating shirts, bracelets and other gear. Michael Schmiesing, the club’s president, was present at the meeting to witness his club’s bill being passed.

Later in the meeting, Fall Bill 21 was brought before all present to ask for the reimbursement of Franciscan’s Eagle Scouts’ $26.97 for pizza for their gathering. It was voted against because it was no longer necessary.

The Outdoor Club petitioned in Fall Bill 22 that $33.88 be given for necessary equipment that they had to purchase for their white water rafting trip. It was passed because the trip was approved previously and they were not given enough funds to cover the entire event.

Fall Bill 23 also concerned money for the Outdoor Club, but it was tabled because the $130 requested was no longer needed.

Fall Bill 24 presented the new freshman justice Carley Helfers for the 2013-2014 school year. The proposition was passed, and she was sworn in before the end of the meeting.

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